Celebrate the Dress!

Trash the Dress is a growing trend in the Wedding photography industry, but what exactly is Trash the Dress. First of all, Trash the Dress should be called Celebrate the Dress (and so this is what I’m calling it!). It is a session where the bride can break loose and take all those wonderfully adventurous photos that they could not take during their Bridal Shoot in fear of getting their wedding dress dirty. Celebrate the Dress is a separate photo shoot where you, as the bride in her gorgeous dress, can sit on the rocks by a waterfall or frolic in the flowers! It’s a moment where you can CELEBRATE how BEAUTIFUL you look in your dress! The reason this shoot was nicknamed trash the dress was because some brides wanted to be adventurous! They wanted to go to the beach and lay on the sand, play in the waves, or in some cases that I’ve heard of throw paint!


These shoots do not have to be just the bride! Mr. and Mrs. Shoot transforms the Celebrate the Dress shoot into cute after wedding photos of the bride and the groom all dress up in great scenery like The Duke Gardens or around town. These pictures often become my favorite because the Bride and the Groom get to be together and they are relaxed because the stresses that come with their wedding are long gone! These photos can always be added to the wedding album, used as portraits to be framed around your house, used as the image on thank you cards, or even as your holiday card.


Don’t let the nickname fool you! This is a photo-shoot dedicated to celebrating your dress and your wedding! Be sure to pin the photos and ideas you like! If you want to hear more from us, add us on Facebook here or google + here.

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