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I have an upcoming bridal show at the Matthews House on Thursday.  Yes, nothing like waiting till the last minute.  I have built the set, gotten my materials and books together and have procrastinated till the end on choosing the images I will display at the show.  After shooting literally thousands upon thousands of beautiful brides how on earth do I just choose 4 – 6 images to display?! I mean REALLY?!!  It helps a little that I have to narrow it down by choosing a little different style in each and pictures that kind of go together so it doesn’t look weird but STILL.  It feels like an impossible task.  So I am asking for your HELP!  Please comment on which is your favorite which will at least tell me what you like which is probably the most important factor as I am sure I can be prejudiced on weird things like perfect lighting, perfect composition etc. etc. etc.

SO HELP A GILR OUT!  Let me know your favorite by commenting below.  THANKS!!!! And if you need a ticket I have some I can send you.  They are $20 at the door so if you are going take advantage.  CaryElegant Weddings Gala at the Matthews House.


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