Day 25: A day in the life of a photographer

blah blah blah blah blog…. Ok the blogging is officially getting to me. My life just isn’t that exciting. Besides it being the off season, it is tax season, time for me to write my business plan for the year, update all my marketing materials, albums and frames not to mention my website. I spent most of the morning fighting with making changes to one of my websites to no avail, then throw in my oldest is on track out and BAM the day was gone. So I sit here while I watch the mighty beast (my 7month old -still a puppy looks like an adult- dog) foraging for food around the house so she can get in trouble. If you hadn’t guessed I have a yellow lab otherwise known as a stomach with legs. Ok gotta run. I have two orders to upload to the lab and three save the dates to design and re-design. I’ll probably have to do the designs tomorrow but I can at least get the lab orders done before bed. Here are a couple of the products we plan on carrying this year! More to come. And some other little surprises too.

photography products

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2 comments on “Day 25: A day in the life of a photographer
  1. Michele Minehart says:

    The blog may be driving you crazy, but those of us who read it every day love it! As someone who is working to be a better employee, wife and mom all at the same time, your blog both inspires me and reminds me that at different times in my day, my week, my year, and my life – each of these roles will have a different priority and that is okay!

    The new products look amazing and I can’t wait to see my babies’ faces on some of them!!

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