Krissi’s Kloset: Woman’s World Magazine Shoot

Every once in a while we get  photo session that is a little out of the norm. This one was one of those… Just out of the blue I got a call from the photography director for Woman’s World Magazine asking me to cover a shoot of a VERY unusual teenager.  Krissi of Krissi’s Kloset would be featured in Woman’s World in one of the October issues. Of course I jumped at the chance. This girl was amazing. She has started an organization Teens 2 Teens which is Krissi’s Kloset.  Now I am going to cheat here a little and copy some from her website to let you know more about her fabulous organization.

“Teens 2 Teens is an organization I created to help teenagers in need in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains by providing them with gently used clothing.

In tenth grade I watched Diane Sawyer’s “20/20″ documentary on children of the Appalachians and the poverty in which they live. I was devastated to learn that this kind of poverty exists right here in NC, only five hours away from where I live, and was compelled to start Teens 2 Teens.”

Let’s just say this girl is without a doubt beautiful inside as well as out.  I loved meeting her and her family for this shoot.  You can see where she gets her beauty and fun personality.

And I will say the feedback from Woman’s World was “very creative, she’s a keeper”  referring to the photography which totally made my day!  A little YIPPE for me! Not sure how many photography shoots they will need in the future in Raleigh but hey I’ll take em’! Plus I just love photographing anything new.  Nothing like a new challenge.  :  )

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