Stancil Wood Wedding: North Hills Club

I can’t believe I have gotten so behind on my blogging. I know it was in part that this new site was being built and the blog and website would be integrated but seriously. I think it has been up for at least 2 months.  But I shouldn’t complain.  It is good to be busy!  :  )

This bride and groom were such a amazing, positive and adventurous couple.  I keep up with them on facebook and it seems they are in some cool new place every weekend from whale watching in the Northeast to the beaches of Hawaii.  The bride was so excited about her wedding.  More so than any other bride I have had the opportunity to photograph.  She wanted to savor every moment of it.  Me personally I had just about had it with the planning about 1/2 way through! ha!  But not Christie.   It was everything she imagined that night and they both looked so beautiful.  They and so many others remind me why I LOVE photographing weddings.  I know it is not for every photographer but it is certainly my passion!  Here is a glimpse of their big day.

Bride and Groom

Shot by Assistant Catie Griffin (congrats!)

Bride & Bridesmaids
Here come the men

Bride Entering

Shot by Assitant Catie Griffin (Great job!)

Exchange of Rings

First Dance

Dance Bride & Groom

Bride & Brother
Dance Dance Dance

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