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Katie & Paul’s Pinehurst Wedding: Forest Creek Country Club Photography

One of the joys of wedding photography is getting to know your clients and their love stories.  Katie and Paul’s I find particularly endearing.  Katie and Paul were both bridesmaid & best man in respective friend’s wedding.  They met during

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Elyse & Jeff’s Wedding Video: Duke Gardens Weddings

Here is a quick highlight of Elyse and Jeff’s wedding day.  I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place or people to photograph for a wedding! Enjoy! Diane

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Katie & Paul’s Wedding Video: Forest Creek Golf Club Photography

Here is a quick video with the highlights from Katie and Paul’s wedding at Forest Creek Golf Club.  The bride and groom couldn’t have been happier except maybe for the photographer who was loving photographing this wedding!  More to come

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Elyse & Jeff’s Wedding: Duke Gardens Wedding Photography

Set in the beautiful Duke Gardens this photographer photographed one of life’s small but important miracles-a wedding.  This wedding was so touching.  It was small in size and planned very close to the actual date but what was huge was

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All You Need is Love… Wedding Photography

All you need is an unbelievably beautiful dress. A bridal party that loves you and makes you laugh all day long. A family that couldn’t be more overjoyed for you. All you need is a beloved grandfather to walk you down

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Heather & Mark’s Wedding: Carolina Country Club Photography

What an adorable couple.  They make such a good match for each other.  Heather with her vivacious personality and Mark with his calming stability seem ideally suited for each other.  You can just see the whole world disappear when they

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Introducing Liz! Lead Photographer: Raleigh Wedding Photography

It is my pleasure to introduce to you one of our new lead photographers, Liz. She technically isn’t new since she has been shooting with us for over two years. She has worked hard over the last two years crafting

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Day 9: A day in the life of a photographer

Sick of me yet? ha!  Well today was less than exceptional to report but has a funny part and a NOT SO FUNNY part at the end.  It was filled mostly with errand running and working on my website. I

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Day 8: A day in the life of a photographer

Awe… Sunday. The day of rest. This is usually the day I back up my files from my wedding photography but in the winter there are not a lot of winter weddings. Although if you know someone who wants a

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Theresa & Gene’s Wedding: Matthews House Wedding Photography

Theresa and Gene were such an amazing couple. Getting married later in life they are enjoying things most of us are too busy to enjoy when we are younger. They are traveling, enjoying grandchildren and taking in the most of

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