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More Child Photography in the Old Teal Truck: Child photography raleigh nc

Such sweet sisters!  Little sister didn’t want to put on her full smile since she lost one of her front top teeth but we get to see a little here!  LOVE THIS TRUCK. Cute little blondes!

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A Day at the Horse Farm: Raleigh Photography

This is just a fun little shoot at a local horse ranch. The kids had so much fun and I had so much fun shooting it! There were so many tender moments between the kids and the horses, even a

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Just a little fun: Raleigh Children’s Photography

Just a little fun with the kids after their baby chic shoot.  Gotta love children’s photography.   Nothing like catching kids being kids!

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Baby Chics Shoot: Raleigh Children Photography

My girlfriend lives on a farm and every year they get baby chics.  One of our favorite things to do is to go over and take pictures with the baby chics.   The kids love having their pictures taken with

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My new favorite image: Raleigh Children’s Photography

This was taken at the tail end of a completely different shoot which I hope to get posted a little later.   But I just couldn’t stand not to post this one.  I just love it.  Children’s photography can be

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Breakfast with Santa! Mimi’s Cafe

What a joy to photograph! Of all the types of children photography I have done I have to say this was the most fun! There is nothing like seeing the joy of a child sharing her or his desires to

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A Little Experiment… Raleigh Family Photographer

I always love shooting with other photographers because it means I get to hang back and play a little with the camera versus directing the clients and playing with the camera.  This was one of those shoots.  One of my

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A Little Summer Fun: Raleigh Children’s Photographer

The joys of summer.  Such simplicities as rolling down a hill or chasing a butterfly.  I love my job!  I can’t imagine anything better than photographing special moments to be remembered forever.

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