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T Family Portrait: Family Photography Raleigh NC

I am a little behind on my posting.  It’s that time of year but I didn’t want to forget anyone!  Kim and I met many years ago when our daughters were in pre-school. I was elated when Kim called me

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Brad’s Portrait Session: Raleigh Photography

Brad is athletic, fun and looks great on film (so to speak since we actually use digital).  But the camera does love him.  We had a ball running all over Raleigh photographing him for a modeling agency.  We wanted to

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Baby J: Raleigh Newborn Photography 7 days old

Oh sweet little baby J…. I love newborn photography but this one was special. This little guy came into the world a little late to meet his Grandma. It was a bittersweet gift but obviously more sweet. He was very

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Baby A and Family Photo Session 2 mths: Raleigh Photography

Ah cute little Baby A. I have looking forward to photographing him since his arrival! He finally got to come visit Ms. Diane at 2 months old for his fabulous first baby portrait! He was definitely all about checking out

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The N Family: Raleigh Family Photographer

Pin It The N family had not had a family portrait done since the kids were little ones.  I know they will cherish this as one of the milestones in their lives that will become more important as the kids

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The H Family: Family & Child Photography Raleigh NC

The H family is so awesome to photograph.  You have to love those blue eyes that they ALL have as if they weren’t cute enough already.

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The M Family: Raleigh Family Photographer

I have known this family for years and watched them grow.  The littlest one I remember taking her newborn photos before I had even decided to expand from wedding photography into newborn and baby photography.  The oldest boy is a

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The L Family: Family Photography Raleigh NC

I just love the L family.  The oldest boy is as smart as he is good looking and the littlest one is a precocious as he is adorable.  They always look adorable and I love photographing them.  If you check

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The B Family: Raleigh Family Portrait Photographer

The B family is so cute.  These little boys just are so charming.  I love photographing their family. So precious.

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Photo Shoot with Baby Chics!

I have so much fun with this every year.  One of my good friends owns a farm and raises chickens.  So each year we go out and take pictures with the new born chics.  Don’t worry we are VERY careful

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