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2012 Best of Babies: Baby Photographers Raleigh NC

Oh my gosh! Could this be any harder? Seriously they are all so sweet and yummy. But here is our best of babies for 2012!

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A new kind of Baby Shoot: Puppy Photography Raleigh

I love my friend Bethany. She is one of those great friends that no matter how messy your house is, how crazy you or your children look she doesn’t care and you love her for it. She is fun, very

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Baby S: Newborn photography Raleigh NC

How sweet is cute Baby S!  I have said before how much I love seeing my families grow.  Mom and Dad had their wedding photography done by us some years ago and they brought this yummy little present into the

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Sweet Sarah: Raleigh Newborn Photographer

Sweet Sarah… Newborn photography is one of my favorite photo sessions to shoot. They are so sweet and little Sarah was just such a gift. I have been so happy to be a part of this families lives. I shot

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Baby J: Raleigh Newborn Photography 7 days old

Oh sweet little baby J…. I love newborn photography but this one was special. This little guy came into the world a little late to meet his Grandma. It was a bittersweet gift but obviously more sweet. He was very

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Baby A and Family Photo Session 2 mths: Raleigh Photography

Ah cute little Baby A. I have looking forward to photographing him since his arrival! He finally got to come visit Ms. Diane at 2 months old for his fabulous first baby portrait! He was definitely all about checking out

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Baby M: Raleigh Baby Photography

One of the most wonderful things about my job is getting to see families grow from the beginning all the way through to hopefully when they have grandchildren.  Although very few of my clients are to that stage unless I

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Baby E: Raleigh Newborn Photographer

I put a little post of up Baby E and her cute little propensity for sticking her tongue out at me. But here are the images that don’t have her tongue out. In or out she is absolutely adorable! I

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Baby E Just for fun: Baby Photography

I am in the process of editing little Baby E but she has been cracking me up the whole time.  She has such a GREAT smile.  You can’t take a bad picture of her.  But I have been laughing because

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Day 7: A day in the life of a photographer

Ok. So I really don’t know what happened to day 6. In truth I cheated a little and started the day before New Years in the hope that if I got behind it would leave me some wiggle room to

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