What a day for a wedding!  It started like most weddings… a beautiful bride, handsome groom and excited  friends and family eager to share their special day.  Well this wedding was no ordinary wedding and not just because the bride and groom were incredible good looking with all kinds of fun neat surprises to make their day unique.  This day the weather decided to make things a little more interesting!

We were all done with the getting ready shots and just doing some test shots to get ready for the bride to walk down the aisle when the power went out of the church.  I called my husband to check in and he informed me a tornado was heading their way… Not know WHICH way it was heading the church officials thought it might be coming towards the church too and were contemplating moving the guests into the hallways and delaying the ceremony by 30 min.

Knowing this would delay the whole schedule I called the Sheraton to let them know we might be late so the food wouldn’t get cold waiting on us.  After several rings Jonie, the coordinator, answers.  I let her know what is going on and her reply is “well a tornado just hit the Sheraton and we have lost power.  There are things flying all around.”  Clearly I said disregard! I’ll talk to you later.  Her reply?  Well keep me informed. I say ok but by text.  I text her about 1/2 way through the ceremony to see if we should move the reception to the fellowship hall at the church.  Surprise Surprise! The food is ready, cocktail hour will be served and dinner will be by candlelight!  AMAZING.  Big kuddos to the Sheraton and Jonie.  Are you kidding me?!  Well the bride and groom couldn’t have been more beautiful, everyone had a GREAT time at the reception with exciting stories to tell.  Everyone was so happy for the bride and groom.  The even managed to sneak enough power from a small generator to the DJ to let the couple have their first dance!!!  Many things could have ended very differently but everyone was ok, the bride and groom got married and had a beautiful reception to boot!  God was certainly smiling on them to let them still have their day… Congrats Dawn and Daniel!!!!

2011 Dawn & Daniel’s Wedding Day Video CLICK HERE