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It’s been a while since I put down a post. I have been very busy since Raleigh wedding photography season is full on now. I am even about 4 blog posts behind but I am hoping to rectify that after I finish my next wedding. I wish my job is as glamorous as it sounds to people but I probably only spend about 20% of my time actually shooting. It’s so funny because I usually have photographers that work for me that aspire to own their own businesses some day. And many of them have started their own businesses and gone on to be great successes. But inevitably I get that phone call that goes something like this “I had no idea how much you did!”   Yes, there are wedding albums to be designed, then changes to make, prints to be ordered and shipped out, lovely accounting and taxes to be filed (my most hated task).   And then burning and backing up all those shoots to protect them from evil computer viruses and hard drive crashes, then there is just plain old things to do list that varies from anything like spending an hour organizing your drives or figuring out a computer problem. It’s crazy how much work there is that goes into running your own business. I have had 5 albums to finish just this week alone. That is one of those things you can’t really plan for since you never know when your bride will submit their images. It could be 3 months to 2 years after their weddings.  And just backing up all my recent shoots took 5 hours alone -more than 1/2 day shot.  Answering emails usually takes up to 2 hours a day. Yes, 2 hours.  Giving your clients advice on how to dress, prepare for a bridal portrait or confirming all those important little details of the wedding day takes time.   Anyway, I am off to finalize a couple more albums and wrap up my last wedding so that is all the time I have to write for now.  So to sum up I MUST LOVE MY JOB to do all these other tasks and I DO.  It’s worth every minute of the hastle.  Here is a page from one of my wedding album designs this week.  Congrats again Suzanne & Jay!

TTYL! Diane
beach wedding photography

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