Charleston wedding photographersDiane Mckinney Photography specializes in providing quality images for all of your families needs. We offer a wide range of services and give our client’s the opportunity to purchase the digital negatives from their shoot and event. If you’d like to receive a complete list of our packages and availability, please fill out our contact form here and we will provide that to you. Packages can be customized to your personal needs. Packages start at $125 for portrait sessions and $1999 for weddings and go up from there based on length of the session or hours at the wedding and the products included.  We also offer complimentary bridal consults in the studio for our wedding clients. 

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Your wedding is uniquely you and so will your pictures be uniquely you.  Just look at our  gallery of weddings to see how different each wedding can be all shot by the same photographer.  Although we do have our own style which borders between both classic and contemporary we try to get a mix of images from fun to funky that will please everyone viewing your wedding. We even give modeling classes at the beginning of the day to help you look your best in front of the camera.  One thing to know is weddings are what I call controlled chaos.  And you have to be a person comfortable with controlled chaos to shoot them.   It’s a wild ride of getting nervous to walking down the aisle, being discreet during the ceremony but still getting that amazing shot as he gazes as you at the alter still in disbelief you said yes, to wrangling all those cousins in for a family picture.  And finally to the reception to dance, eat cake and celebrate your new union.  As a photographer you have to be able to look at the shot, pay attention to what is going on beside and behind you, make sure your camera settings are right for the light, make sure your bride is in the most flattering angle and choose just the right lens to make each shot just right.  It takes a special personality as well as years of training to get all that correct. Anyone can get 25 good images but our goal is for you to walk away with literally hundreds sometimes 1,000+ images from your big day.  Our lead photographers must second shoot for two to three years MINIMUM before becoming a lead photographer as it takes a lot of experience to do all these things at one time well.  Services start at $1999


A fun session where the couple gets to have a lot of fun, relax and get some amazing pictures of themselves.  We usually do 2 outfits and find a location with a multitude of backgrounds to give you some diversity.  An added benefit is that it is a great way for the couple and the photographer to get to know one another. This can aide in your level of comfort having your pictures taken on the big day. Services start at $175


It’s a shame to only wear your gorgeous wedding dress one time. Bridal Sessions allow you to go on your own personal photo shoot and feel like a princess even before your big day.  This session is devoted to you by capturing you in your dress at many different angles and settings. One of the benefits is it is kind of like a dress rehearsal for the big day so if you find anything your want to tweek between now and then this will help you.  It is also a must if you would like to have an enlarged print framed for your reception. Services start at $250


Most brides and grooms are anxious to get right to the reception. Why rush?  Scheduling your Mr. & Mrs. Session the day after your wedding, allows you to let your hair down, take your time and shoot in multiple settings. This type of shoot with produce images that you will want to hang all over your home. Services start at $250


The wedding is over. Now that the stress of your damaging your dress is over, you have the opportunity to stake some amazing and daring shots in your dress.  Want to be Belle in a dusty library? Want to take some amazing shots in the waves? Schedule a Trash the Dress Session to have a fun session where you and your new husband can run, jump and roll around! We can get as crazy OR conservative as you feel comfortable. These images are always amazing! Services start at $250


Whether this is your first or your third there is nothing like capturing that first 2 to 3 weeks of life.  They grow so fast. These sessions take between 1 and 2 hours although actual shoot time is probably 30-40 minutes.   We take great care to make sure your baby is comfortable and well cared for at all times. We will send you a detailed email before the session to help you prepare for little one’s first photo shoot. Besides amazing images you will walk away with a few tips on how to get that little sleep stealer to give you a little more Zzz’s too. Services start at $250


We shoot anywhere from the 0-3-6-9-1 yr and up.  Most clients want the milestone portraits of their babies first year as they change so much from month to month during that time.  But if you are looking for just a couple of milestones we recommend newborn, 9 months and 14 months.  These particular ages usually make for the best images.  At 9 months your baby can sit up nice and tall and is stable making it possible to get those laughing shots without being wobbly.  At 14 months we have found your baby still kind of looks like a baby but his or her face has matured to look more like the person he or she will be as an adult making looking back on this picture a true treasure.  Now with that said, there is no substitution for a good 1 year old smash cake session so you may have a little trouble deciding between a 1 year and a 14 month shoot. Services start at $125


At this point your little people have their full on personalities and are probably running all over the place.  Whether we decide on a shoot in the gardens with all the wonder of nature or in the studio the best part is we really get to interact with these little guys.  We LOVE children.  And we have a couple of our own so no need to stress about your wee one’s perfect behavior.  We will laugh and joke around with them to get that natural smile out of him or her.  These portraits are both candid and posed as we work with their mood and temperament and find the right time to introduce a particular pose or setting. Happy children make for the best portraits and that is our goal. Services start at $125


WOW! Did you blink and they just grew up on you?  Probably.  This session is a fun session for both Mom and teen.  We will discuss what is important to your senior and come up with a customized session that is stylized to teen.   We love to incorporate any hobbies they may have or we can just get all dolled up and run all over town shooting in both beautiful and fun funky spaces. Services start at $175


Family photography is probably the one area that you will do more regularly.  Whether you have a picture made for your Christmas card every year or a family portrait every couple of years to document how your family grows there is no session more important than your family portrait.  These will be the images you hang in your home and your children will treasure as they get older.  We choose locations based on the best setting for that time of year whether it be the dead of January or spring with all it’s amazing flowers.  We even have a few spots that get flowers in the winter if you want to fake mother nature out.  We coordinate the shoot with your home decor so the shoot is designed to give you an image that you can hang on your wall as a true piece of artwork. Services start at $125


We do mostly architectural photography, corporate head shots, product and real estate photography.  Our images are crisp and clean with leading lines and an eye for composition that will draw your viewers into the image.  Check out our on line gallery to see some of our work.  We are always open to new projects so shoot us an email and we can start some dialog.  Service prices are based on the nature of the shoot, how much equipment is needed and the number of hours and images.  Services start at $300


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