One of the most wonderful things about my job is getting to see families grow from the beginning all the way through to hopefully when they have grandchildren.  Although very few of my clients are to that stage unless I shot their wedding later in life.   After 10 years in business we are getting to the stage of multiple siblings in grade school but I am looking forward to senior pictures with them someday then their baby’s babies!   This photography session is one such family just starting with their first baby,  Baby M.  I had the joy of photographing Mom for her bridal portrait which we shot at UNC.   I remember it so well.  The weather was threatening but we were determined.  We got a couple of shots the the wind was just too much, sending her hair sideways.  So we rescheduled and the next shoot was perfect.  Then there was their amazing wedding.  It was set in the beautiful Fletcher Park.  I love photographing outdoor weddings. There is so much amazing color and you get to spend a lot less on flowers to dress up the church!  An added bonus for any wedding budget.  Sy and Emily looked amazing and had so much fun on their wedding day.  Next Emily came to me for her maternity session.  She was so sweet with her big belly and Sy was the perfect proud expecting Pappa.  It’s such an amazing time going through all the stages of pregnancy  reading about how your baby is growing.  I love that we caught that phase of the growth of their family on camera.  And then came Baby M!  What a little cutie!  I love how baby photography gives me my baby fix!  My children are 4 and 7 now so the days of cuddling that little newborn are gone but I love that I get my little baby cuddles in the studio on a regular basis.  Photographing newborns is one of my favorites.   They are so sweet.  Now little Max came in a little later that I traditionally photograph newborns but not too late.  I recommend within the first two weeks.  Mostly because they sleep between 14-22 hours a day.  YES, check with your pediatrician they can actually sleep that much.  And we make sure they are super comfy in the studio to help keep them asleep for all those cute sleeping baby photographs.  But when they get past 3 weeks they start to become aware of their world and don’t want to miss out on the fun by sleeping.  Such was the case with little Max.  He was about 4 weeks old and was very interested in the studio and the new faces.   But we did pretty good getting some sleeping baby shots thanks to Mom so we were able to get our sleeping shots as well as some awake ones.  Awake or asleep he was BEAUTIFUL.  Did I mention I love photographing newborns and babies?!!