Best of 2011…Associate Photographer, Wedding Photography

Weddings inspire me. Which is why I love photographing them.

The smallest, lovely details…the nerves before that walk down the aisle…the joy of the first dance…at most weddings, you’ll catch me crying behind my lens, I get caught up in all the emotions of the day. I just love to capture it all.

As a wedding photographer, it’s my honor to record all the special moments of your day, scripted or not.  I take that responsibility very seriously and sincerely.  But probably the most important part of my job is to remind you to take a breath, live in the moment, and do what you’re meant to do on your wedding day…enjoy each other.

These are some of my favorite moments from 2011. These images make me smile, laugh, and re-live the magic of each unique couple. And the best part of it all? 2012 promises more amazing couples and incredible moments.

You would never know that Dawn and Dan got married during an April weekend with tornadoes touching down all over Raleigh. They never stopped smiling. Even when the power was knocked out at the church…and the reception. What a beautiful couple, truly beloved by their friends and family.


That is one gorgeous bridal party!

Like I said…they never stopped smiling.

Congratulations, Dawn and Dan!

The beauty of Katherine and Braxton’s wedding wasn’t just in the details and bright colors. They made sure everyone had a blast on their special day. And the best part? No one had more fun than the beautiful couple themselves.

Katherine and her amazing bridal party…

Braxton and his boys…cheers!

Congratulations, Katherine and Braxton!

Weddings like this are a dream to shoot: a sweet bride with sophisticated taste, a fun-loving groom, and details to die for! Teri and Stephen made their wedding a night to remember!

A trend I never want to see the end of: bright, colorful shoes for the bride!

A charming way to direct guests to their tables…

I love a bride with sass!

Outside The Cotton Room in Durham, NC.

Congratulations, Teri and Stephen!

Sometimes, the most simple weddings are the most beautiful ones…

Sherry and Ken steal a moment to themselves.


Carol’s Garden Inn… the perfect setting for this wedding.

Congratulations, Sherry and Ken!

Leann and Scott got married on a sun-drenched April day.

I love photographing couples who don’t mind showing their affection for each other!

Leann and Scott take in the moment…

Congratulations, Leann and Scott!

Inspiring colors, inspiring couple. Ana and Dan.

Classic pearls for a wedding full of tradition.

That first walk down the aisle as husband and wife – always one of the best moments in any wedding!

Congratulations, Ana and Dan!

Lindsey and Shawn…one of my favorite couples of 2011.

This bridal party was too much fun!

We didn’t let a little rain ruin this parade!

A sassy bride and her husband’s police officer hat? One hot combination!

Oh, how I love this couple!

A little nighttime drama on Fayetteville Street, downtown Raleigh. Congratulations, Lindsey and Shawn!

Sarah and Thomas just touched my heart. They were so sweet with each other, and giggled through their entire day.

Girls just wanna have fun.

A quiet moment for the bride and groom.

Wedding Photography

Sarah and Thomas sang their wedding song to each other. And I, of course, cried like a baby. The sweetest. Ever.

Katherine and Michael. A big wedding with one simple theme: these two just really love each other.

A kiss from Dad before that walk down the aisle…

Is there anything better than a grand exit? Congratulations, Katherine and Michael!

Pat and Daniel’s wedding…it all starts with the fabulous shoes!

Yes, just a little more shoe worship here!

Congratulations, Pat and Daniel!

Tall. Blonde. Beautiful. Kimberly and Randall.

Kimberly, and the friends that love her.

It turns out, December is an amazing month to get married in North Carolina!

Was I crying at this point? Quite possibly. 🙂

Cupcakes and diamonds…what a fantastic combination.

Congratulations, Kimberly and Randall!
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