I love the Boylen Art Walk. If you haven’t been you ABSOLUTELY must go once. It comes at the perfect time of year. The first week in December so all those people that it is impossible to buy for or they have everything… this is the place to get their gifts! There are so many talented artists and such unique work. I was almost sad to be participating because I didn’t get to walk around and check them out myself. But it was fun. I had several clients happen that I had shot their weddings before I got the studio so it was fun to show them how much we have grown as a company. And even one of the Mom’s from my daughter’s preschool came by the studio. And then there were all the new and wonderful people I met. I almost got to shoot a wedding in Germany, until we figured out I was booked for another wedding the day after theirs. I don’t think I could have quite made it back that fast! Oh well… another day and time. So mark your calendars for next year! Here are just a few samples of the fine art photography I showcased that day. But next year I think I will be selling photoboxes, albums and more of the other fun things we as brides and family like to buy to showcase our own photography! Hope to see you next year!