Lunar Eclipse January 2019

Well I managed to stay up and brave the freezing cold temperatures to get a few shots of the lunar eclipse.  Eclipse and astronomy in general is a love of mine.  First because of the MANY jobs my father had, one happened to be a professor of astronomy in his...

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Animazement! | Raleigh Photography

  So it was the end of my third shoot today if you include the shoot of my 'before' pictures for the new photography studio and I had been seeing my anima friends walking around town and remembered the animazement convention was in town. For probably five...

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How to choose a photographer | Raleigh photography

I love getting professional photographer magazine. It is always inspiring. It's also helpful in reading about equipment reviews, things going on in the industry and new products. But once in a while I run across a photographer interview that just nails it for me....

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A Day at the Horse Farm: Raleigh Photography

This is just a fun little shoot at a local horse ranch. The kids had so much fun and I had so much fun shooting it! There were so many tender moments between the kids and the horses, even a mule. The sweetest being the attachment one girl developed for an old blind...

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Day 80: A day in the life of a photographer

This has been a crazy last two weeks between head shots for Step Up Ministries for over 45 people, shooting their annual report shots and the life skills class not to mention a weeding in Texas and my latest battle with my computer. I have barely had the time to...

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Day 66: A day in the life of a photographer

The whole family has been sick for the last two days with one thing or another.  We literally all piled in my bed yesterday and stayed most of the morning there.   But I did manage to squeeze in some photography business activities.  I watched a benchmark survey of...

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