Its become a new fashion trend for country girls to have cute country weddings! This means cowboy boots, white lace, lots of flowers, and of course horses! I have had the pleasure of being the photographer for a couple country weddings and they are by far some of the cutest! SO I’m going to share some inspiration to future country brides!

1) Cowboy Boots! 

A cute pair of cowboy boots always looks wonderfully with a beautiful white dress! They also look great with the beautiful bouquet of this young bride! The colors are such a pretty purple and match so well with her gorgeous dress!!!

Raleigh NC photographer captures country wedding Raleigh NC Photographer Diane Mckinney captures a Country Wedding Country Wedding photographed by Diane Mckinney. Country Wedding photographed by Diane Mckinney. Raleigh NC Diane Mckinney photographs a beautiful country wedding Diane Mckinney captures a cute pair of cowboy boots at a country wedding.

2) LACE! 

Doesn’t every woman love LACE! This bride has paired up some beautiful lace with a lovely lilac color. I absolutely love how she decorated the tables with the white lace over the purple table cloth.  This bride even had it on her gorgeous wedding dress! Inspirational? Pin it!


Raleigh NC Photographer Diane Mckinney captures a purple country wedding A beautiful wedding dress paired with her purple flowered bouquet as shot by Raleigh NC photographer Diane Mckinney. Raleigh NC Photographer Diane Mckinney capturing a Country WeddingA cute country wedding as shot by Raleigh photographer Diane Mckinney. 3) CUTE WEDDING TOPPER

The third thing you need to have a classic country wedding is a cute wedding cake top that matches your personality! This wedding had this top!

Raleigh NC Wedding Photographer Diane Mckinney photographs a cake top. Cake Top photographed by Raleigh NC wedding photographer Diane Mckinney.

Already had your wedding but love this idea? Why not have a Celebrate the Dress Portrait!? (By the way, that’s a link!)

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