Another fun amazing wedding…  This wedding took me quite by surprise.  I usually have the luxury of meeting my clients in the studio during the planning process of the wedding.  It’s always nice to know who you will be spending 6-8 hours basically right by them all day. So the relationship to me is very important.  As much for their comfort as mine.  Katherine however was based in Florida and her now husband in Virginia.  New Bern seemed like a good middle to have a wedding to help all the family and friends on both sides be able to attend.  We had about an hour long consult over the phone in which of course she was very sweet and charming so of course that helped.  But what a surprise.  I couldn’t have been more delighted.  Everyone was so incredible. The guys were hilarious and made all the girls knees go weak in their Navy uniforms and the girls were stunning in their purple perfectly fit dresses, gorgeous hair and make up!  (Make up courtesy of    )  Then the bride and groom I swear stepped out of a magazine.  Not only was she beautiful but the dress was beautiful too and it did matter what she did it always laid right.  The ceremony was very emotional which cracked me up because before hand they kept insisting NO CRYING, NO CRYING.  Oopps.  Guess that one was over.  But it made all of us cry right along with them.  Then we took a brief tour to their parents new home in New Bern for some awesome old southern home porch shots.  LOVE IT!  Then another quick trip just as we lost the last minutes of daylight for some amazing twilight shots over the water.  Both graduates of the Naval Academy which was where they met lead to a most hilarious procession of toasts and some that down right made you cry as you watched some struggle just to keep composure.  There was just so much love in the room it was overwhelming.  But with all the sweetness and love I still think my favorite parts were catching the Groom’s Mom sneaking a dance with her son in the back of the room.  And then the brides parents whom she had NEVER EVER seen dance come to life on the dance floor.  And for two people who it sounds like hadn’t danced in some time did it VERY WELL!  You could tell this was the highlight of the bride’s night second only to the marrying the love of her life.   And the ending was filled with loud music, a packed dance floor, a beat you couldn’t help dancing to even with a camera in your hand and a bride and groom loving every last minute of their big day!