Reality check here!  No time for blogging but I am keeping my commitment!   Slammed today.  Still have 2 shoots to process, a bridal consult tomorrow and a maternity photography shoot and sadly I wasted most of the day fixing problems with the website.  It’s just reality when you own your own photography business.  You are the IT person, website person, accounting person and so much more.  Yes I have other photographers but staff not so much…  It seems when I am so busy and I am finally ready to hire someone, I don’t have the time to interview and sift through the people not to mention train them.   Just life I guess!  Someday…  See below for Gillian’s post.  She is showcasing some of her favorites from this year’s photography weddings she shot.  So she is pulling up the slack for me! Enjoy it!  She rocks!  To see more of her work just go to Gillian’s Portfolio under galleries or just click here.  : )