Well so much for my blogging every day goal.  I have missed two days but I have a really good excuse. I think… ;  )  Being a photographer obviously we are artistic people.  We see the world in colors and composition.  We can see all the different angles, look at things from a different perspective and dream in a creative way.  Well that and TAXES just don’t mix.  So for the last two days I have spent going through every credit card statement, every bank statement, every PayPal transaction (the biggest nightmare) and making sure the balance in Quickbooks actually equals what the statements say.  One of my beautiful past brides is helping me with my taxes this year so I had to clean it up for her first.  When we sat down she said, “So how many hours did you spend doing this?”  Um (and I was only half finished) 19 hours.  Keep in mind that was in 2 days and only HALF done.  But I can say I am finally finished and a lot less grumpy so I can re-join the world!  (At least until I start working on our personal taxes.  Ugh.

So here I am so many thousand feet in the sky (they didn’t tell us so I don’t know whether to say 2,000 or 10,000) on my way to New Orleans for my FAVORITE convention all year, Imaging USA.  I love it because there are classes all day long every hour. They do different tracks of classes based on the type of photography you specialize.   Of course I usually do the wedding photography track and the portrait photography track.  But stay away from the sports photography and school photography tracks.  Although one year it was pretty funny, they had a class that was really late at night (around 8pm) and let me tell you, you are pretty wiped by that time.  But it was billed as a night photography class that sounded REALLY COOL.  So my friend Julie and I go in all excited to learn about new ways to shoot night photography.  We are a little late but we quietly join the back row.  It was actually a VERY small class.   He was polite and introduced himself and asked us what was our type of photography training which of course we said wedding photography as that was the bulk of our business.   WELL… This was a police officer forensic photography night time class.  HILARIOUS.  First the guy didn’t know much about photography, it was all about what to shoot to show evidence not actually how to shoot your camera at night.  The poor man!  He kept trying to relate it back to wedding photography for us to help us feel involved and we kept trying to figure out how we were going to sneak out of this SMALL class and not hurt his feelings.  We were so tired that the idea of spending another hour in this class just seemed too brutal.  Just suffice it to say we got out and went to have a nice dinner.

So the lesson for this trip?  Look at each photographers website before we attend his or her class to make sure they are REALLY a photographer.  ha ha!  I should have some fun pics to post after this trip though!  Oh and the picture below is from my smart phone not my good camera since is up in the luggage rack above my head.  I didn’t want to drive my fellow passengers crazy.  ; )

As they say in New Orleans, Laissez le bon rouleau des temps.

( Let the good times roll! )


Don’t judge me… taking with my less than good smart phone. ;  )


Outside my window