What a day!  It’s almost been a blur.  We have been up since 6:30 am this morning for our first class at 7am.  Man I love this show! It’s probably the only thing I would get up at that hour voluntarily.  Some amazing speakers and one really put some clarity into my thinking on how I want to run my business.  I can see a lot of changes coming down the pike for me.  But the biggest take away from her was to shoot what you love… Don’t shoot everything but shoot what you love and it will be your best work.  I couldn’t agree more.  I have TONS of pictures to post, mostly shot with my point and shoot because I didn’t want to lug the big honker camera around but I will tough it out tomorrow.  OH! And I learned a new thing about my camera that will help so much shooting in bright sun.  FUN!  I will try to update with pics tomorrow but for now my roomies are all trying to fall asleep and I am sure the click click click of my keyboard isn’t the best lullaby for a good night sleep.  Good night New Orleans!