Being that it is 12:43am I kind of missed it but I am looking at it as it is still today until I am asleep in my bed. Basically mostly an uneventful day. The convention is over so the day was filled with our last meal in New Orleans which my husband would have loved! Fish tacos. One of his favorites from California on our past trips. I found a fabulous fur vest next door to the restaurant I couldn’t live without then it was a blur of taxis and airports. But I was able to work on my maternity session on the plane ride home. I am about 1/3 of the way through. A little tough since big brother REALLY wasn’t up for kissing Mommy’s tummy but it was a shot she really wanted. My photoshop technical ability will really be tested on this one but I will let you know how it turns out! Next goal: Writing this years business plan! Wow I am sure I will REALLY keep you awake with that one! I will post a couple more pictures from my trip so this post won’t be completely dull! I have a couple I WISH I could post but they are probably rated PG which honestly feels more like R but considering the content of primetime TV I am guessing they really would be classified at PG. But man they were funny for adults! Oh well. You can leave a comment with email if you want me to share with you! ha! ha!

New Orleans I will miss you! Especially the biniets!!!!!!

Julie one of my very best friends!

Me in front of my favorite door

Amanda-so talented and so fun

ha! Julie acting scared that someone was coming out of that grave...