Well today has been a blur of updating my website, trying to catch up on shoots that I have yet to have blogged and trying to fit in a little family time taking down the tree and other various decorations. And lastly my final 20 images left to process from my Boudoir shoot. Wish I could post those! Man she was beautiful! Boudoirs take a lot of work since let’s face it, NO ONE is perfect. No, not even those models on the cover magazines. Even behind those there is a talented photographer cinching in her waist, uplifting her chest, minimizing her hips, smoothing the skin and giving those eyes even more pop. SERIOUSLY! I always worried my girls might get a skewed sense of marriage watching Mommy do weddings all the time but at least they will have a realistic body image. They KNOW what can be done and that no one is perfect. My oldest sometimes sits over my shoulders and says, “Mommy, you need to fix that spot on her cheek.” or something to that effect (no I don’t let her see boudoirs even though we don’t shoot anything you wouldn’t see on the beach.) So after all this I am left with Christmas boxes left to be put in the attic but all my blog posts are done at least in the DRAFT portion. Here is a quick snapshot of the posts to come!