This is one of those dream days that we photographers rarely get. No fighting with technology either via computer or camera equipment, well not till the end of the day anyway. No client emergencies that derail the otherwise planned activities for the day. And God must have really been smiling upon me as even both girls were home since they are tracked out and we lost our babysitter since she is a teacher and her trackout changed. But with little intervention they played nicely the whole day and let me work. Yes, I did reward them with a trip to the park and a walk for the dog at the end of the day. I got all of my save the dates finished and approved. I only wish I could show them. They are really cute but it would be kind of stealing their thunder to show them here before their family and friends receive them. But I promise to try to remember to post them later. I even made it 1/4 of the way through my business plan.

Then all the crazy stuff you put off for forever. Researching how Google+ is going to impact social marketing, adding a google docs ap to my phone so if I need to email a bride my packages they are easily accessible right their on my phone. And another cool little feature I have been wanting to add FOREVER- my listing in the POI section of Tom Tom GPS. The only bummer is you have to download it, it doesn’t just automatically show up. So I added it to my email signature so clients can use it when they set an appointment at the photography studio. I also added it to this site under About/Studio as well or just click here . I did a lot more little things that are hardly worth mentioning but feel SO good to cross off the list.

More things on the list though, re-doing my email signature to include the new awards, setting up Liz and Gilian’s emails (my other FABULOUS lead photographers). And about 10 other things that are still on my list to do. But I am feeling MIGHTY fine about today. A good day in photographer world. And I just have a hard time leaving a blog post without a picture so here is random picture of the day. I have been trying to figure out how to make the “KUDOS” page scroll down. I swear it used to and don’t know why it stopped. I will have to work on that tomorrow alas. Tomorrow should be fun though. My photographer friends are going out to practice shooting in the worst light of the day HIGH NOON. I hope it’s not cloudy because I think I figured out the magic formula to getting enough fill flash to combat the evil shadows in your eyes from overhead light without blowing out the blue sky in the background. I will let you know how it goes. And I have a fun bridal portrait on Sunday so I should have some fun pics to show. (The bridal will have to postponed till after the wedding of course but maybe I can shoot some details shots while I am there for you.

Ciao! Diane
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