It’s been a busy last two days. I have decided blogging every other day is a little more my style. First I met with one of my other photographers at the studio and we practiced shooting at the worst time of day for lighting. In case you didn’t know. HIGH NOON! Yes, bright sun above your head is actually a bad thing. All you see is black holes in eye sockets instead of the lovely, blue, green or brown you might have… Unless perhaps you don’t mind getting on your knees and burning your retina’s out starting straight above at us while we shoot down on you.

Well fortunately with the newer equipment out these days we have a way to combat that issue. Don’t get me wrong, I would still prefer you to utilize the best light of the day (about 2 hours before sunset in the winter and 3 to maybe 4 hours in the summer) but at least now we can make due if we have no other choice. So we spent about an hour talking about our equipment and catching up then went outside to shoot horrible pictures! ha ha! Meaning we didn’t exactly shower and put on pretty clothes to do a real photo shoot on each other. But that aside we were really happy with the results. After that I spent the next couple of hours prepping images for two of my venues to use in their bridal shows.

Then home for some family time. Although I kind of cheated and spent a lot of it setting up a new blog for our family. But I was a good Mommy and made sure to put both girls to bed with stories and a little “Mommy time” as we call it. But I have to say I am SO happy that the new blog is done. I hated the old one because it made the pictures so small. Can you imagine as a photographer how a person would hate that???

Today, I spent most of the morning and early afternoon burning and backing up images as well as filing away what felt like THOUSANDS of emails. I know you are hanging on the edge of your seat now huh? ; )

Next the fun part! Off to my bridal portrait shoot. I love shooting in Duke Gardens because it really doesn’t matter what time of year it is the images are beautiful. The gardens are always well manicured and always have something blooming. Perfect for an outdoor shoot even in winter. I have worked with this bride’s mom before as she is a bridal consultant and SO SWEET. I just love her… well her daughter is definitely the acorn to that tree. She was absolutely adorable! And having beautiful curly flowing hair, bright eyes and a big smile, she was a dream to shoot. I only wish I could post them now. One of the harder parts of our jobs as we photographers LOVE to post our pictures. She did say I could put just her face out. And what a beautiful one it is….
bridal portrait duke gardens