Man what a couple of days it has been. I was busy doing lots of little activities for the business that needed to be taken care of when I get the call…  “She had the baby”.  Normally I would be looking at my schedule to see when we could bring the newborn into the studio for his or her first photoshoot.  But the surprise is that it is a baby cow!  Now I have already forgotten the formal name for this type of cow.  My friend did tell me but all I can remember is the nickname for them, the Oreo cow.  Oreo because the are black on both sides with a white stripe that rings the center just like an Oreo cookie.  Oddly she was skidish-evidently unusual.  But once I set out on foot instead of in the gator with 7 kids, my girlfriend and myself then I was able to get close enough to get some decent shots.  (As I re-read that it might seem the obvious reason would be the 7 kids and 2 adults but I can say with pretty good certainty that is not the reason.  We have been doing that for that last 5 years since we moved out here and my friend for at least 4 more in addition to that number!  I am putting a couple of shots below.  So a lot of excitement and she was so cute.

Today was filled with retouching the final images on my bridal portrait for their final selection, packing and getting the house ready for my upcoming trip and of course answering emails.  Although I did get one little surprise that those of you who are facebook friends are already aware of…  My youngest decided to pour baby powder all over the bathroom floor so she could ice skate.  Gotta love kids!  So ingenious and insidious all in one! ha ha!  And I am SO mad at myself for not taking a picture of it.  Can you believe it? ME NOT TAKING A PICTURE!  You know I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed not to think of that!

So here I am at 1:23am wrapping up my day.  Goodnight!Raleigh PhotographerRaleigh PhotographerRaleigh Photographer

Raleigh Photographer

This guy was just really friendly. I think the poor thing thought I had food.