Funny it has only been 24 hours but yesterday already feels like it was weeks ago. Racing to make final edits and ordering for my bridal portrait for my bride this coming saturday, shipping what felt like a million packages so none of my brides would have to wait an additional week for their Save the Dates they ordered and of course trying to pack for my trip. Crazy. But now I am miles away in paradise. The sun is bright and it is about 85 degrees with a warm ocean breeze. I have only spent time at the pool and the beach but have already witnessed an amazing anomaly. At least I THINK it is… While shooting the rocky coast their were some local fishermen that started pointing to the sky to show me and eagerly asking me to take a picture of the sky. At first I was a little confused but when I looked up surely enough there it was… A giant rainbow AROUND the sun. I have never seen anything like it. The fisherman also told me he had lived on the island his whole life and never seen anything like it. I did a little research and the closest I could come to what it might be is a Sundog but that also said it had to happen in cold temperatures which this definitely doesn’t qualify. If there are any astronomers out there though speak up!photographyphotographyphotographyphotographyphotographyphotographyphotographyphotographyphotographyphotography