It is day 5 in Barbados but day 1 hardly counts since I spent the whole day traveling and didn’t get it till late at night. The last couple of days were spent alternating between the beach and the pool. I was going to take a boat to see the Sea Turtles but evidently the turtles are full of jellyfish right now so they don’t come up out of the water. So it was off to see the monkeys and other wildlife on the island.

Anytime I can see wildlife that is one of my favorite things to do. My trip to Africa is still the highlight of all my travels and would go back at a moments notice if the opportunity presented itself. For photography sadly it was the film days back then but SOMEDAY I plan to have all those negatives scanned. All 28 rolls of them! Ughh. But here in Barbados the most exotic of the animals is the green monkeys. Very cute I must say. I remember a study from years ago a study we reviewed in my psychology class that when they observed monkeys they had a similar society to our own. Their mothers took care of their children, they developed families within the community which is no shocker. But what WAS a shocker to me is they had mugger, rapists and other such darker sides of society. Needless to say they are very interesting to watch. I also tell you this since you will see one little monkey wasn’t real happy with my getting so close to him. He yelled at me a couple of times. I decided to get my shot and move along for my own good. Here is a little of what I photographed yesterday. Enjoy!photographyphotographyphotographyphotographyphotographyphotographyphotographyphotography