Well, as you can see it has been a while.  I have been slammed but honestly looking back at this hour I can’t remember everything I have been doing!  I can tell you yesterday I did headshots for one of my favorite charities, Step Up Ministries.  They do fantastic work that really makes a difference and CHANGES peoples lives.  It doesn’t get much more significant than that in this life.  I think I have been shooting for them for 5 years now?  Time just flies.  But I still remember shooting my first graduation with them.  I knew very little at the time about what they did but a friend had passed my name along as someone who might be willing to help them.  I think I cried through almost the whole graduation as each candidate got up and talked about their life story and how Step Up had changed it.  It was one of the most moving experiences in my life and I was HOOKED.  I in now way compare to the life partners and staff that work with these individuals tirelessly to help them change their lives. They learn how to budget, how to get and keep a job, buy a house, get a car, take good care of their children and all the while with tears, hugs but also in your face no excuses support.  And the kids go to classes too.  They get help with homework and are also taught the importance of responsibility, respect and work ethic.  It’s an amazing program and I am honored to have served them in this small way.  ANYWAY… After looking at their website recently I noticed the Board Members didn’t have pictures and it always nice to see those faces and just gives it a more professional look so I offered to do it for them.  We have only done round one.  Funny, I could tell they had grown over the course of 5 years but when I found out they now had about 50 on staff I couldn’t believe it.  They TRULY have shown they can make things happen and the community has supported them so they can do even more.  I am so glad they have had such success.  So I shot 12 of the 50 or so yesterday and  will continue weekly for 3 more rounds till we are done.

Then I had to design a rehearsal dinner invitation which I LOVE…  It makes me so happy when people are so please with their pictures they want to show them off.  I think it is fabulous!  Again, I hate to put anything out there until the client gets to show it off first.  But I will try to remember to post later.

A couple of contacts from brides with pricing requests and a baby shoot.  (AND I NEED MY BABY FIX!) It’s been just a little too long so bring me those babies!  I need baby hugs!  Scheduling my trip to Austin for my St. Patrick’s Day wedding.  That one should be fun.  Right smack dad in the middle of SXSW craziness! Doubt I will see any of the action but we’ll see.  I might just have to go shoot downtown Austin Friday night.  That would be a blast I am sure.  And lastly just a thousand little things like paying company bills, paying lovely property taxes, updating quickbooks, filing sales and use taxes, mailing out orders, oh and ordering orders and so on and so on…

For now the only thing I have to show is one shot, that I ran outside to get because I saw it as I was getting my child’s backpack out of the car.  I just love civil twilight.  This was the tale end the moon was already rising with the two stars (which if I remember my astronomy correctly are actually planets) glowing above the moon.  It’ s no Van Gogh but I liked it.   I hope you do too.  Hopefully my next post won’t be quite so far away and I can remember more of what I did! ha!

And lastly I just decided since it is pajama day at my child’s school tomorrow, we are ALL going to join in and wear our pajamas!  So if you see me in car pool with my pajama’s on then you know it was pre-meditated!

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