The whole family has been sick for the last two days with one thing or another.  We literally all piled in my bed yesterday and stayed most of the morning there.   But I did manage to squeeze in some photography business activities.  I watched a benchmark survey of how photographers are doing across the country and am happy we are still in business as many have folded.  It was also a reality check to keep my expenses under control.  I am lucky that people like my work and I have no problem getting photography assignments but expenses that is a whole other thing!  I just love a new lens or when a new camera comes out it is SO tempting… Right now my latest thing I covet is the Nikon D800.  Oooo how I want that camera.   But I am going to be good – FOR NOW.  But there was some great feedback on how much your cost of goods sold should be in comparison with your revenues and what percentage your general expenses should be as well.  As artists we don’t exactly like working with or even paying attention to numbers.  But alas my goal this year is to get my arms wrapped around this and go on an expense diet!  So I have a 61 page report to go through to help me better run my business.   I KNOW you are wishing you were me right now huh?

So now that I have bored you with the REALITY of owning your own business let me move on to some thing a little more fun!  Friday we had out baby duck and baby chic shoot and they were so darling so I am posting a few images here.

As for a few more things on the home front, half of the house is now hardwoods and the hideous carpet that was hideous even when we moved in is gone…   Although it is pretty funny to see the girls and the dog all sliding around on them since they are new to them!

Ta ta for now!

(FYI… Four days later I got the pictures in so I could post this finally!)
Child Photography
child photographyChild PhotographyChild PhotographyChild PhotographyChild PhotographyChild PhotographyChild Photography