This has been a crazy last two weeks between head shots for Step Up Ministries for over 45 people, shooting their annual report shots and the life skills class not to mention a weeding in Texas and my latest battle with my computer. I have barely had the time to breath much less anything else.  On a brighter note I lost a few pounds not having time to eat!  I think sometimes the hardest part about being a photographer isn’t about being a photographer at all.  It’s running the business.   When I plan a week to encompass x # of shoots = x number of hours editing then adding in the time to answer emails, meet with brides, blogging, answering questions and posting to Facebook, Pinterest and my blog which are all necessities then you throw in something like computer problems.  So I lose literally 4 days just backing up all my data (mind you this is my business data not my client data since they are on separate drives and backed up on DVD’s) but just to back up my business stuff FOUR DAYS!  Then another 3 days at the computer shop so basically a whole week lost for the most part.  I do at least have a whole separate computer for editing so the actually shooting and editing doesn’t get behind but the coordination of calendar and emails, filing sales and use taxes and about 100 other tiny things that need to be done LOST TIME that has to be made up somewhere.  On a brighter note my wedding in Texas was AWESOME! I got to be photographer and be a guest!  For the wedding photography I just shot the getting ready, ceremony and romantic shots, MY FAVORITES, by the way… Then got to be a guest at the reception so SUPER FUN! I will do a separate  post about this later then I had a killer bridal portrait session on Wednesday at the Capital Club that I WiSH I could blog… but soon!  April 15!   Tuesday and Thursday were doing commercial photography shooting for Step Up’s Annual reports, one of my favorite charities who do AMAZING work and really do change people’s lives.  I had the deepest respect for Myra Bradley and all the co-partners for the incredible dedication to the participants in a highly emotional goal.  And the participants themselves do the hardest work.  Literally having to throw out everything they thought and believed look at and act in a world in a completely different manner.  Re-evaluating their past, confronting their demons and taking responsibility.   Something I am quite sure most of us don’t do on much lesser infractions.  I find their stories so uplifting and make me proud to witness such change.  They have my utmost respect and I wish them all the best in their futures.  Ok… This probably could have been a whole separate blog post but now you see why I love this charity so much.  They REALLY make a difference changing one life a a time.  Emotionally exhausting work but so rewarding in the end.   I will try to post pictures when it isn’t midnight on a Saturday night.  Ciao! Diane