Some of the cutest decorations I have seen have been used to decorate the aisle. Some brides put cute bouquets at the end of a row of a row of chairs or next to each bench down the aisle. These cute details end up being my favorite pictures! Other brides have flower girls throw peddles down the aisle before her or coats the aisle with beautiful rose petals that provide a splash of color that can bring out the undertone of your dress or your bridesmaid’s dresses. I honestly love how the flowers give the bride a romantic sweet and colorful entrance.

Here are some tips to help you decide what to do for your wedding!

Decorating the Aisle; Raleigh, NC; Wedding Photographer

1) Keep with the theme of your wedding! 

Even though you absolutely LOVE those bright red roses, if your bridesmaid’s are wearing lilac dresses the red roses are just not going to look as great as you think! Keep the bouquets or props in line with the overall theme of your wedding. One bride put horseshoes on the end of her aisle because she loved horses and worked on a horse farm. They matched beautifully with her wedding because it was a spring wedding and the horseshoes were a neutral color and very personal to her.

Aisle Decorating; Wedding Photographer in Raleigh NC Wedding Photographer raleigh NC; Aisle Decor


 2)Don’t break the bank on elaborate detailing! 

You don’t have to have decorations on the aisle. If you don’t want them, you don’t need them! Sometimes the simple details like a basket of baby’s breath, lilac, or simple peddles can be gorgeous! At the same time you don’t have to have baskets of flowers on every row of chairs. Put flowers at the last 3 rows (that way they show up in the pictures as you walk down the aisle, or on every other row (so they line the aisle). I still love the classic flower petals on the aisle. So keep in mind you can choose only petals and go the classy beauty route!

Raleigh NC; Wedding Photographer; Decorating the Aisle

 3) Keep it fun! 

Lots of bride’s forget that this is all about them! This is their day (not your mothers, your mother-in-law, or your sisters!). Make sure you love the details! In the end you only get to do this once, so LOVE IT!

 Aisle Decor; raleigh NC Wedding Photographer

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