Set in the beautiful Duke Gardens this photographer photographed one of life’s small but important miracles-a wedding.  This wedding was so touching.  It was small in size and planned very close to the actual date but what was huge was the amount of love.  It’s funny, even though most of it was planned fairly last minute, it literally all fell together perfectly.  I don’t think Elyse could have been any luckier.  One of those signs it is “MEANT TO BE”.   I was so impressed by this couple.  Not only was it clear their deep affection for each other but what touched me the most was my witness to the creation of a new family.  Little A was SO excited for Jeff to become her Daddy.  He not only put a ring on Elyse but also on little A.  And I don’t think I have ever seen a bride smile bigger, EVER.  Elyse was so happy that she finally had her perfect family.  And Jeff was so proud to be the addition that made it whole.  It’s funny how people can touch you so deeply in such a short period of time.  I guess that is another one of the big reasons I love wedding photography.  Congratulations to my new family. I am looking forward to watching you grow over the years!!!!!!!