What an adorable couple.  They make such a good match for each other.  Heather with her vivacious personality and Mark with his calming stability seem ideally suited for each other.  You can just see the whole world disappear when they look into each others eyes.  The day was gorgeous and you can’t ask for better weather in February.  Spring has even taken root a little early with the daffodils in bloom by the church.  I loved how this couple was so laid back just enjoying the day as it unfolded. Heather with her gift to brighten any room and any person she came into contact with and Mark with his steel blue eyes that put her at peace whenever she looked at him.  They were the perfect bride and groom.  And who can beat a reception at Carolina Country Club.  It always looks gorgeous. They rocked to a fun band and really got a chance to spend some time with all the friends and family who came to be a part of this next big step in their lives.  The maid of honor and the groom’s best friend gave great toasts that had us all tickled.  And finally the end where the bride and groom exited to a traditional bird seed exit and off to their next adventure as man and wife.  I loved this wedding and thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. Congratulations Mark and Heather! It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding!

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