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At the end of every reception, the bride and the groom exits the party surrounded by their guests. Some couples decorate this exit with bubbles, bird seed, rice, confetti, or even balloons. Every bride envisions this exit differently with different a different setting and car. So we are providing you with the pro’s and con’s of the most popular exit styles. This way you can really decide what you want to do at your reception!

Military wedding as shot by Raliegh NC photographer Diane Mckinney.Wedding Photography Raleigh NCDurham Hilton PhotographyReception Exits of Raleigh NC; photographed by Diane Mckinney Confetti Exit, wedding photography by Diane Mckinney

Wedding Photography Wilmington NC

Reception exits in Raleigh NC by Photographer Diane Mckinney Raleigh NC reception exit; Diane Mckinney Bubble Exit; Raleigh NC; Diane Mckinney



  • Cute!
  • Very Happily Ever after
  • Little environmental aftermath
  • Easy for children and adults alike
  • The bubbles double as a favor


  • Can be expensive
  • You have to exit before dark because the bubbles are hard to see and photograph after dark
  • children and guests may use bubbles too soon (if not informed)
  • Wind can blow them quickly away





  • It’s traditional
  • Good luck
  • More rice for less money!


  • Many venues and cities prohibits this type of ceremony
  • Rice is harmful to animals



Bird Seed


  • Almost as cheap as rice
  • Look similar to rice so presents the same type of exit
  • Not harmful to the environment, instead it feeds local animals
  • Doubles as favor


  • May attract birds (but I have never seen this happen).





  • Colorful exit
  • Can match colors to your wedding
  • Cheap if bought but you can make it homemade with shredder


  • May be hard to clean up and thus bad for the enviroment
  • Could get in your mouth (but that shouldn’t stop you!)



Balloons (The balloons are kept inside the car and fly out when you open the doors)


  • Can be a surprise from your bridesmaids
  • Creates fun expressions in the exit photos
  • The balloons fly away, no clean-up
  • Can be good luck (have every guest write a wish for the bride and groom and tie it to the string)
  • Make for GREAT photos!


  • Helium can be expensive
  • Takes time to set up
  • One chance at photos





  • Sparklers can double as favors
  • Creates BEAUTIFUL pictures!
  • is not bad for the environment
  • Sparklers are fun to play with


  • Sparklers can be expensive
  • Must be dark outside to use this exit
  • Can be uncomfortable for guests if its cold outside
  • Sparklers can be dangerous
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