On top of every cake their is two little people (or dogs) that symbolizes the wonderful couple who is getting married. These little people can be elegant, funny, and personal but mostly they like to steal the attention from the cake! No, I’m just kidding! The cake topper can make an awful cake memorable or a gorgeous cake so personal to the bride and groom. So today we are focusing on that miniature couple so that you can decide what mini-me you want for YOUR special day! I have been to a ton of weddings (yes a ton!). Every wedding has a story. Those tiny details of the couple’s past or the love they share with each other and their family. The cake topper is one of those details that will help you tell your story.

One of my favorite wedding toppers is further down in this blog. Can you guess which one it is?! (Just guess all ready!)

My favorite is the miniature couple going fishing! I loved this cake topping because it was so personal! It really described how the bride and groom loved to do things together (*Cough* *Cough* fishing!) and they took that love of being together and replayed their memory on their wedding cake! That is brilliant!

I absolutely love all of these cake toppers! I love the elegance, class, and personality!

So here are some ideas for you so that you can go forth and tell your story through the tiny details!

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