Photography Gift Mothers day


So many times if is us, the Mom’s, behind the camera.  We have a thousand pictures of the kids and some amazing pictures of you, Dad, with our babies.  But where are we? These sessions are all about the relationship with Mom and her kids or Grandma and her kids.  Dad, you get a break.  You can stay home and wait for the family session in the fall, while Mom and the kids come out and spend half their session on nice shots that are scripted and half the session on beautiful candid shots of them at play.  We have a variety of packages from petite session days, mini-sessions or full on beauty sessions where Mom gets a little pampering with makeup to make her feel like the most important person.  Which let’s face it, without her you would all be doomed! So show her how special she is and document the love and joy she has with her children. And don’t forget Grandma.  She’s the one Mom looks to for advice, help and support.  She too would LOVE one of these sessions.

To all my amazing Mom’s I see all year, Happy Mother’s Day! 

-XOXO Diane

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