I know Mommy from way back BEFORE she was a Mommy.  She was one of the many angels who have come into our lives by way of helping me to watch my children.  She was with us when my first was 2 years old and still with us when my second was born.  So she knows my babies well.  For me it was such a special treasure to hold her baby and see the same loving kind person loving on her child as she did mine.  And what  a little cutie he was too!  I do so love my baby cuddles.  Although I still have to share my crack up moment.  Keep in mind I have probably shot HUNDREDS of newborn portraits at this point and I have been peed on as well as all the other bodily functions that come with infants.  But baby K was the first to give me not one but TWO FULL FOUNTAINS!!! It was hilarious! I swear I think it was a good two feet high! ha ha!  Let’s just say if they have any of those gross boy competitions on who can do ‘that’ the farthest, I am betting on Baby K!  Hugs and Kisses! And so good to see you Mommy AND Daddy too!  ;  )  Enjoy!

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