Now What? A new twist on Invitation Advice

So your boyfriend just proposed and now you’re engaged! Now what? One of every girl’s dreams is to plan their wedding and guess what?! YOU MADE IT! You get to go dress shopping, cake tasting, and put your decorating designing skills to the test! But have you thought about your invitations yet?

Every bride wants their wedding to be perfectly unique and we want that too so we wrote a blog, just for you! Not only have I photographed tons of weddings, I’ve been a guest at several too! One of the most common invitations I have seen has been the monogrammed initials of the couple with a “Hope to see you there message.” These invites are not only beautiful; they are classic. I have also had a bride who used their engagement portraits as invitations for their rehearsal dinner. I have always thought this was such a cute idea! Not only do you have an excuse to go out and take pictures with your future hubby, but you also have a unique one-of-a-kind invitation. Another benefit to this is that your guests can hang these invites on their fridge and the photo will help the invite stand out so it does not blend in with the other schedules and etc on the fridge.

My favorite part of engagement shoots and using those photos as invites or save the dates is that they open up a whole new world of creative options for your shoot! You can now aim some of your photos towards the goal of inviting your guests. For example, you and your hubby can hand-make shirts with a cute message or even just the date! I have also seen couples bring a chalkboard and write not only cute messages to each other through the pictures but to their guests too!

Just remember that planning your wedding is supposed to be as fun if not more fun than the wedding itself! Take some time to be creative and let your personality as a couple shine through!

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DON’T FORGET! Thank you letters!

We know that you are going to look at your gorgeous wedding pictures and want to put them everywhere so we have an idea for you! Why not turn your wedding portrait pictures into thank you cards? That way all of your lovely guests will have one photo of the new happily married couple! It is normal in these cases to have a very simple thank you as a subtitle to the photo. For example in some of the photos below it says “Thank you for sharing our special memories.” This leaves you the inside to write whatever genuine thank you, you want.

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