Pets at Your Wedding, Yes or No?

Do you have a dog, cat, or even a bunny?! Are you getting married?! Have you thought about including your beloved friend in the ceremony? This new trend has been catching fire on Pinterest and Google +. Because of this, I decided to give you the pros and cons of having your cute pets in your wedding.

We have had 3 weddings with we have shot with furry friends, two from my lead photographer’s weddings and one I shot in which the bride and groom had their dog walk down the aisle with them. It was SOOO cute and she was extremely well behaved!!  That is not a ton of pet weddings  considering we have literally shot hundreds of weddings… As for other pets, I have never seen a bunny rabbit or a cat in a wedding but it would be interesting. However, I have shot several bridal and engagement portraits where my brides bring their doggies and puppies along.

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1)Having your dog in your wedding is cute!

2)You get to share your special day with the animals you love!


1)If you do not have extremely well behaved animals, they may not form schedule.

Dogs need to be potty trained, good with people, and commotion. When some animals are surrounded by a lot of strange people and things, they can become scared and/or aggressive. This will make them more of a liability. You can fix this though by hiring a dog walker or sitter and having them chaperone your loved one during the wedding or even take them home after the ceremony.

2)Cats and bunnies do not listen.

I have never seen a cat in a wedding ceremony for the exception of a Fancy Paws commercial on TV. I honestly would not advise having your cat in your ceremony because cats are harder to control and they love to explore. So if your cat escapes, they may be hard to find. Bunnies have the same issues.

3)Most Churches and venues don’t allow pets.

If you do have your pet in the ceremony, be sure to ask if your venue will allow pets. Most churches do not allow pets and have specific rules when it comes to weddings. At the one wedding I’ve shot with the dog, the ceremony was at the bride’s sister’s house.

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Another way you can involve your cute pet in your wedding is by having your bridal portraits with them. If you don’t think your pup can withstand the long crowded wedding, and then have him in your portraits! Then you can have one of these photos put in your wedding album or even framed for your house. This way, your lovely pet is still a part of your special day!

Be sure to leave a comment on whether you would have your pets in your ceremony? Why or why not? We love to hear your feedback!

But REMEMBER, this is your wedding! Be unique; don’t worry what everyone else thinks! This is your day! And most of all HAVE FUN!

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