Traditionally the wedding party takes several posed shots. One where the groom is surrounded by the bridesmaids. One where the bride is surrounded by the grooms men and the last is the whole wedding party. While every photographer takes these traditional shots some wedding parties decide to take a personal spin on these posed shots! These are photos with everyone from your wedding party! Most of the time these are your closest friends and family members! Wouldn’t you love a more personal photo with this group of people?


During the numerous weddings I’ve shot, I’ve seen some interesting poses among the wedding party! There is the classic “jump” shot, the grooms men carrying away the bride, the bridesmaid’s sneaking a kiss from the groom, etc. I love how these shots show the personality of the couple, their family, and the wedding all together! These are some of my favorite shots and some great ideas for your photos! Be sure to pin the ones you love and don’t be afraid to show us what poses you want for your wedding!

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We didn't let a little rain ruin this parade!

We didn’t let a little rain ruin this parade!


Now THAT'S a beautiful wedding party!

Now THAT’S a beautiful wedding party!

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