One of the things I love about photographing weddings is I get to meet all different types of people. Each couple is so unique in the way they interact, their backgrounds, hobbies, and taste. I always seem to take away a little something new from each bride and groom. My bride and groom on this occasion were considerably younger than myself. And yet during the toast the bridesmaid read a letter that was sent to her by the bride which had such mature words of wisdom. I am sure I won’t quote it exactly correct but the bride whom is a writer wrote how she was comforted by Thomas’ comment that he didn’t have to worry about whom he would marry, or what career decisions he would have to make for the Lord would take care of all of that for him. And how those words relieved her of a tremendous burden. Well the Lord certainly has provided them a beautiful wedding, with amazing friends and family to share it with and a great start to a long happy marriage.