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Newborn photography is probably one of the most important portraits you will do with your children.  This time is so fleeting as they are only a newborns for roughly two to three weeks then they start to mature and look more like a baby.  We absolutely LOVE doing newborns.  Newborns and Weddings have been our major specialty for most of the expanse of our photography career.  We have been doing newborns specifically for over 9 years and weddings 14 years.  This is critical not only for beautiful images but also the safety of your new baby.  I have had babies of my own and have literally photographed over 100 newborns.  It is so important to understand newborns as well as know how to shoot newborns so they look beautiful, stay asleep throughout most of the session and are safe and unharmed.

We will discuss in detail all the things you will need to do to prepare your infant for the session with an instruction email.  This is very helpful as you will be mostly sleep deprived during this time of your life and will be lucky to remember to bring your baby to the shoot much less anything else.  I will give you all you need to get your baby all ready for the session.

The most important and most commonly asked question is “How long after the baby is born do I need to do my newborn session?”  Most commonly is the 2nd week but can be extended to the third week if needed.  Long enough after birth that their umbilical cord is mostly healed and little boys have recovered from circumcision.  The umbilical cord doesn’t need to fall off completely as they are on their stomach for most of the shooting and can be hidden in other shots. But soon enough that they are still sleeping a lot and not so used to Mommy and Daddy holding them.  We like to simulate an environment of the womb to achieve the longest sleeping period and when babies get older they lose some of these cues.  I find this particularly common with premature babies since we do them much later due to reducing risk factors involved with premature babies. But if you do have a premie don’t worry.  Just email us and we will set an appointment to discuss the best time for your baby and how to change the session to accommodate your baby’s needs.

But just a few things.  We want you to be totally de-stressed for this session. One of the great things about a newborn session is you actually get to kick back on the couch or in one of our chairs in the studio and RELAX while someone else takes care of your baby.  You can fully see the shoot space and make sure your baby is safe at all times.  Most of my Moms also pick up great tips on how to get their babies to sleep during the session as NO ONE can really prepare you for a newborn.  But once they arrive some of that simple advice all of a sudden becomes life changing in getting that baby to sleep. We have a boppy if you need to feed your baby and privacy if needed for breast-feeding.  Again you and your baby’s comfort is our top priority.

We have everything you need for your newborn session including anything from classic portraiture to fun props or a mix of both.  We have tons of backgrounds, headbands, stuffy’s and anything else to give you the diversity of the style you want for your newborn portraits. But please bring in anything that is sentimental, represents you or your husbands interests etc.  I have had parents bring in baseball gloves, handmade blankets, fun animal props or props that entail fishing, their favorite football team, golf and even a surf board once. So feel free to make it as personal as you like. These are the things that can make it even more special. But again with that lovely sleep deprivation if you are just trying to survive getting to the studio that is fine.  We are well prepared to take care of everything for you.

Sessions are conducted inside the studio usually at 10am during the weekdays for the best sleepy/happy time for new babies schedule.

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