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Diane McKinney Wedding Photography Services

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life and one you can’t just re-create so choosing the right professionals for all aspects of your wedding from the flowers to the photographer is critical.

We have been doing wedding photography at Diane McKinney Photography for over 14 years and in that time we have learned what makes a wedding a success which of course makes for happy brides and guests so lots of smiles with amazing pictures.

Although we have a classic style we actually have a  mix of styles and lenses we use to get some diversity of your wedding images so that everyone from Grandma to your funky bridesmaid or groomsman will be raving about your images.  But its most important to look through the portfolio and view a couple of our weddings on our online galleries to make sure our style matches your taste.  If we seem like a match then the important questions get answered.

Do I Get To Keep the Digital Negatives?

The first question most people want to know does I get the digital negatives and the answer is yes.  Like you, we want to keep those images forever as well and the idea of being able to save your images in a cloud in case of a fire and share them with family as easily as sending an email is invaluable these days.  All our packages include the digital negatives.

How many images do I get?

Well, that depends on how many hours we shoot.  But roughly for 6 hours which is the average time for getting ready shots, ceremony, formal pictures after the ceremony, romantic pictures and a 3-hour reception it is roughly 600-800 images but often we deliver much more. It is all dependent on the number of guests, number of events and how many people are in the bridal party.

What do you shoot?

Well, pretty much everything.  Does that mean literally everything? Of course not but yes all the major events from getting into your dress to putting those rings on your fingers and back around to the garter bouquet and finally the exit.  We’ve been doing this a long time and we know what are the important shots but during your complimentary bridal consultation, we will discuss any special requests to make sure we can accommodate those for you.

Do you have a second shooter?  

Most of our packages include a second shooter/assistant photographer.  Basically, this means most of the time he/or she is shooting but they are also there to help the lead shooter. Sometimes the bride forgets her bouquet in the getting ready room or maybe someone left the rings behind and the 2nd shooter comes to the rescue.  Or of course, the lead shooter may need some special equipment or some help fixing the dress and posing people.

Can you help make me look good?

Ok so I haven’t really gotten this question but I have gotten plenty of “I don’t like my arms”, “I make this one weird face sometimes”, or “I don’t like profile shots of myself” and the list goes on as all of us have those aspects of ourselves that we deem less than perfect.  Depending on the issue, we will either give you tips you can practice before the big day so you can look fabulous on your big day and any future photos over the year. We are here to help on your big day to keep an eye on your concerns so that we can reposition you to minimize these personal pet peeves. Our clients also love that we give modeling classes to the bridesmaids and bride just before their formal shots, time permitting.

Are the pictures edited?

Definitely.  We take great pride in going through every image from your wedding and making sure that everything is color corrected, cropped and lightly retouched.  We can discuss during the consult when lightly retouching and heavy retouching apply.  The difference between heavy retouching and light retouching depends on the detail of work involved and if we have to change programs to perform the task. Light retouching involves all of the above color correction, cropping, object removal that does not fall in hairlines or other important objects that would require a fine brush to remove rather a simple cut and paste, blemish removal if again it doesn’t fall in a hairline, face line etc. Heavy retouching usually includes which include heads swaps, thinning of arms or other body parts, tattoo removal etc.

What Should You Ask Before Your Wedding? 

The important questions regarding the photography process.  Great images will happen, no doubt. Even someone who isn’t a professional can get 15-25 GREAT images.  But can they get 800-900 great images, properly focused, in low light situations with fast action without flash and probably another 10 other distractions or obstacles during the shooting process.  The answer is only professionals with proper training, and 50-6o weddings under their belt, are truly equipped to guarantee this type of quality work. This goes for your other wedding vendors as well.  I like to call weddings “controlled chaos” because let’s face it, that’s what they are… Because of this, it’s important that you understand not only your own job but everyone else’s too so that your wedding can run smoothly without any catastrophes. This knowledge and experience is what keeps your wedding running smoothly.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to email us for a free bridal consultation if our work speaks to you. At that point, we can talk about your big day, all the important things you thought to ask, all the things you may not have thought to ask, and of course, have a ball looking through lots of albums and getting fun ideas!

We are looking forward to meeting you!