As many of you may know from reading my blog one of my favorite charities is Step Up Ministries. They do amazing work. They find people who have been down on their luck (although they would say we make our own luck). They take those individuals help by teaching them life skills, job training and basic money management as well as how to become a productive citizen who gives back to the community. It’s incredible the transformation you see in these people and how far they come. It is always so emotional at the graduations because they have worked so hard. And what Step Up gives back is a check to help purchasing their first home, a car if needed through Wheels of Hope and love and support through difficult times where their friends and even family may not understand what they are doing and where they are trying to go.

For this particular photography project they wanted to showcase one of their veteran participants. James served in Desert Storm. He has a warm and genuine aura about him. Charming in a country kind of way and definitely a hard worker. I don’t know his story as I usually don’t find out till graduation but I can say he was fun and I enjoyed the time we spent on the shoot. Enjoy!

Feel free to donate anytime I can assure you every dime brings us back ten fold!

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