Step Up is one of those wonderful charities that really makes a difference in a persons life whether you be the recipient or the giver.  Step Up Ministries selects a group of individuals every quarter to go through a 9 week program. This program is an extensive and exhaustive program of teaching life skills to both the adult and children.  This includes learning to budget, be on time for work, do their taxes, participate in their children’s lives and much more.  Many of us take this for granted but if you were never taught these skills where do you get them?  Participants come from anywhere from a homeless shelter to having been incarcerated or other equally challenging situations.  The program is about forgiveness and taking responsibility.  It helps the participants recognize their potential and not blame others for their situation and to take control of their lives rather than being a victim of their circumstances.  The graduations are always very emotional as the participants and their co-partners have been through a lot during the 9 weeks.   And some people don’t make it.  It is a very in your face kind of program and takes a strong individual to take a deep look at themselves, take responsibility and move on.   I feel HONORED to give to such a wonderful charity.