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Unique and creative baby photography in Raleigh NC provided by award winning photographer Diane McKinney.

2012 Best of Babies: Baby Photographers Raleigh NC

Oh my gosh! Could this be any harder? Seriously they are all so sweet and yummy. But here is our best of babies for 2012!

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Newborn Baby R: Newborn & Baby Photography Raleigh NC

Little Baby R is so sweet. She is baby #3 so she really knows how to ignore her brother and sister and get some real Zzzz’s.  She was no different in the studio.  And just like her brother and sister

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T Family Portrait: Family Photography Raleigh NC

I am a little behind on my posting.  It’s that time of year but I didn’t want to forget anyone!  Kim and I met many years ago when our daughters were in pre-school. I was elated when Kim called me

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Baby S: Newborn photography Raleigh NC

How sweet is cute Baby S!  I have said before how much I love seeing my families grow.  Mom and Dad had their wedding photography done by us some years ago and they brought this yummy little present into the

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Princess Baby W: Newborn Baby Photography in Raleigh NC

Oh my goodness what a little princess.  This beautiful baby is less than two weeks old and still has that sweet newborn look that I love.  I love all babies of course but there is something about a newborn because

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Sweet Sarah: Raleigh Newborn Photographer

Sweet Sarah… Newborn photography is one of my favorite photo sessions to shoot. They are so sweet and little Sarah was just such a gift. I have been so happy to be a part of this families lives. I shot

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Baby A and Family Photo Session 2 mths: Raleigh Photography

Ah cute little Baby A. I have looking forward to photographing him since his arrival! He finally got to come visit Ms. Diane at 2 months old for his fabulous first baby portrait! He was definitely all about checking out

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Baby E: Raleigh Newborn Photographer

I put a little post of up Baby E and her cute little propensity for sticking her tongue out at me. But here are the images that don’t have her tongue out. In or out she is absolutely adorable! I

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Baby E Just for fun: Baby Photography

I am in the process of editing little Baby E but she has been cracking me up the whole time.  She has such a GREAT smile.  You can’t take a bad picture of her.  But I have been laughing because

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Day 7: A day in the life of a photographer

Ok. So I really don’t know what happened to day 6. In truth I cheated a little and started the day before New Years in the hope that if I got behind it would leave me some wiggle room to

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