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Little Graduates | Preschool Graduation Photography

graduation photography raleigh nc

These little graduates are ready to move on to kindergarten.  Look at those smiles! Say cheese! SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave

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Family S: Family and Child Photography

The S family is one of my favorite families. So similar to mine they care more about having fun than a clean house, laugh and play with the kids (my favorite as a photographer and Mother), and are just in

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It’s Mini-Session Time! Raleigh photography

It’s mini-session time! The time of year that I schedule a couple of days that I block out the whole day to do lots of families.  The benefit to you is if you aren’t looked for a full session customized to you

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Tea Parties and Mad Hatters?

It’s now the middle of March! Spring is coming people!! Bring out the cute dresses, the flowers, and of course the warm sun! But speaking of Spring, I have come up with a cute photo shoot for the darling little

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A,B,C for Kids Part 2!

My favorite image from Part 1 (click here if you haven’t seen it!) is honestly M for Mess with my youngest daughter H. When I was brainstorming ideas, I was trying to find words that children, even young children, would

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Meet the Meisenheimer Family

The Meisenheimer family shoot was very cute. The Meisenheimer mother actually set up her shoot after she had emailed me to ask if I would be able to shoot her family’s portrait even though they had several little ones. I

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Meet the Camardella Family

I recently shot a family portrait for the Camardella family. The Camardella family have the most adorable girls! I actually knew their little girls because they swim on the same swim team as my daughters so I had already had

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Meet the W Family

It’s a crazy time of year with all the family photography sessions, getting ready for Christmas cards and gift for relatives.  Add to it my gorgeous fall and Christmas weddings and I am one crazy photographer this time of year.

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DanzeZone Dance Studio Pictures

Wow! What an experience.  I have done wedding photography, infant photography, baby photography, family photography and even commercial photography.  I even did a shoot for Breakfast with Santa where I took pictures of the children on Santa’s lap.  But even

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Brother D and Sister S: Raleigh Children’s Photography

Got to photograph one of my little cuties! I did his infant pics and now he is a year old… How time flies. He was ALL over the place and tough to catch but we got him and isn’t he

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