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Newborn C, Big Sister, Mom and Dad: Military Newborn Photography

Oh my goodness!!! I LOVED this family.  The big sister was so precocious and may decide to be a photographer one day as much as she loved playing with my camera or maybe it was just the buttons? 😉  And

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Baby A & Big Brother R: Outdoor Newborn Photography

Well for this little pair we needed some wide open spaces for our little toddler to run around.  Although I like doing my newborns indoors we were fortunate that the weather was warm enough to do it outside since big

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Sweet Pinehurst Bride and Groom : Wedding Photography Pinehurst

This was the most amazing location for a wedding.  I think I shot the entire reception in natural light. If you aren’t into photography that probably doesn’t mean much so here are the pics instead to enjoy!  Such a sweet

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A,B,C for Kids Part 2!

My favorite image from Part 1 (click here if you haven’t seen it!) is honestly M for Mess with my youngest daughter H. When I was brainstorming ideas, I was trying to find words that children, even young children, would

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Kelly & Brian’s Wedding at the Graylyn: Winsten-Salem Wedding Photographer

Kelly & Brian celebrated their beautiful wedding in the downtown Graylyn in Winsten-Salem.  What a BEAUTIFUL place to have a wedding. And Kelly chose such beautiful colors that show off the fun of summer weddings.  The two were laid back

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