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A new kind of Baby Shoot: Puppy Photography Raleigh

I love my friend Bethany. She is one of those great friends that no matter how messy your house is, how crazy you or your children look she doesn’t care and you love her for it. She is fun, very

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Baby S: Newborn photography Raleigh NC

How sweet is cute Baby S!  I have said before how much I love seeing my families grow.  Mom and Dad had their wedding photography done by us some years ago and they brought this yummy little present into the

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Guest Blogger: Wedding Planning Raleigh Photographers

I have worked with a lot of vendors over the years and I cannot tell you the importance of hiring professionals. By professionals I mean people with at least a good solid 3 years of experience (this allows them to

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Adele & Andrew’s Wedding: White Memorial Presbyterian & Haywood Hall Raleigh Photographers

Wedding Photography-Raleigh Photographers Here is a sneak peek of Adele and Andrew’s big wedding day!! With the crazy temperatures and changes in weather the bride and groom couldn’t have been more blessed for a beautiful day, a beautiful bride &

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Big Girl M: 1 yr. old Raleigh Child Photography

Oh little M.  I had the joy of photographing this beautiful little girl just weeks after she entered it.  But it makes me so happy to photograph her 1 year old portrait and see how much she has grown.  Her

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Allison & Gavin: Engagement Photography

I love photographing in downtown Raleigh. There are so many fun cute walls, buildings and even parks to photograph portrait sessions. Alison and Gavin were totally up for a little diversity in their session so we were off to downtown!

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Brad’s Portrait Session: Raleigh Photography

Brad is athletic, fun and looks great on film (so to speak since we actually use digital).  But the camera does love him.  We had a ball running all over Raleigh photographing him for a modeling agency.  We wanted to

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Raleigh Family Photography

I have a dear friend who is also a photographer whom I have had the honor of being friends going on seven years.  Not only is she a great friend but an amazingly generous person in general. She is also

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General Managers Awards: Renaissance Hotel Raleigh Photography

Every once in a while I will shoot a corporate event.  Mostly I do wedding photography and baby photography and if it is commercial it is usually headshot photography.  But The Renaissance Hotel is one of the venues that I

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Melissa Macias Bridal Portrait: Raleigh Photography Cardinal Club

I have been DYING to post this bridal portrait. With the pollen being so strong this year we opted for an inside shoot with so a short time frame before the wedding. The cardinal club obliged us so we shot

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